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European Tortes and Cakes

European Pastries and Cookies

Pastry Gift Box
Enjoy and assortment of Mozart’s miniature pastries!  Each Pastry Gift Box includes two each of our Chocolate, Vanilla, and Lemon petit fours; two Bourbon and two Amaretto truffles; and two of our signature Marzipan Peaches- a decadent selection sure to please any crowd! $24.95

Petit Four & Pastry Catering Trays
Our popular Pastry Gift Box assortment arranged on ready-to-serve trays. Please place your order in advance.
12 pc, serves 6+   $24.95
24 pc, serves 12+   $49.90
36 pc, serves 18+   $74.85
48 pc, serves 24+   $99.80

European Tea Cookies- Subject to availability
An elegant and versatile miniature cookie assortment, including Florentine, Raspberry Almond, Ischler, and more!  16 oz. box $15.95, 32 oz. tray $31.95

Handcrafted Pastries
Coconut Rum Ball $3.50
Cream Horn $3.50
Marzipan Peach-  Mozart’s signature pastry! Delicate peach buttercream and raspberry preserves inside of a pastry shell, wrapped in almond marzipan and finished with a touch of sugar. $3.99
Seasonal Marzipan Pastry $3.99
Napoleon (weekends only) $4.50
Petit Fours $1.99
Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon
Roasted Peanut Caramel Tart $3.95
*Truffles $3.49 ~ Gluten Free
Bourbon or Amaretto

Apricot Linzer $2.50
Chocolate Chip $2.49
*Coconut Macaroon $2.50 ~ Gluten Free
       -Plain or Chocolate Dipped
Frosted Cut-Out Cookie (sm)  $1.99
Ischler $2.99
Peanut Butter $2.49
Raspberry Almond Linzer $2.50

Biscotti  $2.50
Almond Hazelnut
Cranberry Almond
Chocolate Dipped
Chocolate Walnut
Triple Chocolate Chai

Austrian Plunders $3.50
This Viennoiserie pastry made with a light, layered yeast dough is similar to Danish.
Choose from Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Peach & Apricot, or Poppy Seed.

Apple Strudel $3.50 Slice or $35 Whole (serves 10 to 12)
A breakfast favorite at Mozart’s! Sweet apples baked with raisins & walnuts in a light, flaky pastry, finished with a dusting of powdered sugar.

European Scones $3.50
Apricot Almond, Cranberry Walnut, or Raisin

Almond $3.50

Palm Leaf $3.00

*Gluten Free Option