European Tortes and Cakes

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**Special Order or Limited availability**   24 to 72 hour notice required for special order items

Black Forest Torte**
Fresh whipped cream layered with kirsch-infused chocolate cake and dark sweet cherries.  Decorated with maraschino cherries and Black Forest chocolate shavings.  7” $40 display, $45 decorated

Carrot Cake
A moist, traditional carrot cake recipe with raisins, finished with cream cheese frosting, ground almonds, and  handmade marzipan carrots. 7” $40 display, $45 decorated

Chocolate Ganache Torte
Three layers of moist chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream and enrobed in a rich chocolate ganache.  6” $37.95; 7”  $40 display,  $45 decorated

Chocolate Mousse Torte**
Rich chocolate mousse and sweet red raspberry preserves over chocolate cake, finished with a fresh whipped cream frosting. 7” $40 display, $45 decorated

Chocolate Truffle Torte
Decadent whipped rum-infused chocolate ganache frosting layered with moist chocolate cake and toasted almonds. 7” $40 display, $45 decorated

Dobos Torte**  
A Hungarian specialty!  Six individually baked cake layers filled with a chocolate-hazelnut buttercream.  Topped with chocolate-coated wafers (Add $15 to base price for caramel-coated wafers).  7” $50, decorated $55  Order must be placed at least 7 days in advance.  Limited availability.

Esterhazy Torte* Gluten Free
A traditional Hungarian torte, the Esterhazy is made from individually baked layers of flourless almond meringue filled with a rum-infused almond buttercream, and decorated with a distinct chocolate striped pattern.  7″ $40, Decorated $45

Mocca Cream Torte**
Three layers of moist vanilla cake with raspberry preserves and mocca buttercream frosting. 7” $40 display, $45 decorated

Ripe sliced strawberries layered with fresh whipped cream and moist vanilla cake, accented by toasted sliced almonds. 7” $40 display, $45 decorated

Sacher Torte**
A world famous Austrian confection, named for the Sacher Hotel in Vienna.  This torte is made from a special recipe chocolate cake, layered with European apricot preserves and enrobed in chocolate fondant. 7” $40 display, $45 decorated

Sonata Torte
Alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla cake, filled with caramel buttercream and enrobed in rich chocolate ganache.  7”  $40 display, $45 decorated

Our interpretation of the classic Italian dessert: Two thin layers of rich chocolate cake layered with espresso-infused mascarpone and amaretto-soaked ladyfingers. 7” $40 display, $45 decorated

Vanilla Raspberry Birthday Torte
Three layers of moist vanilla cake with luscious vanilla buttercream and raspberry preserves.  Decorated with hand-dipped chocolate flowers and a marzipan ‘Happy Birthday’ sign.   6″ $37.95

Vanilla Raspberry Torte**
Three layers of moist vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and sweet red raspberry preserves. 7” $40 display, $45 decorated

**Special Order or Limited availability**

Pies and Tarts

Key Lime Pie
Baked in a graham cracker crust and topped with dollops of fresh whipped cream. $35

Pear Almond Tart**
Sweet, ripe pears and almond cream baked in a buttery shortbread crust. $35

Bavarian Apple Tart**
Fresh Granny Smith apples and rich vanilla cream baked in a shortbread crust and topped with a sweet apricot glaze. $35

**Special Order or Limited availability**

Size and Serving Guide for Tortes and Cakes

6” RoundServe 6-8.  Available in our display case, or available by special order with 24 hour notice.

7” Round: Serve 8-10.  Available daily in our display case unless otherwise noted.  Available by special order with 24 to 48 hour notice.

Decorated cake price includes writing and our signature hand dipped chocolate flowers

**Special Order or Limited availability**  Available by special order with minimum 48 to 72 hour notice.

*PLEASE NOTE:  Our pastry chefs are diligent about keeping separate work spaces and equipment for our Gluten Free items to avoid cross contamination of allergens.  However, individuals with severe gluten allergies or sensitivities should be aware that wheat flour is used in our facility.