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Mozart’s is proud to support underserved youth in our community. 

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Where there is music, there is culture. Culture builds a city.

Making music is a valuable activity with numerous educational and cultural benefits, but unfortunately many families and schools lack the resources to provide the instruments and other tools students need to play. With a mission to nurture the next generation of student musicians, the Young Mozart Scholars Fund will help provide musical equipment and services to youth in need.

Young Mozart Scholars Fund accepts donations of new and gently used instruments, sheet music, and other supplies.  Please note that monetary donations are not accepted.

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As any parent knows, LEGO® bricks are amazing tools. They introduce children to engineering and physics. They help develop math, patterning and spatial reasoning skills – all in an addictively fun context.

Million LEGO® for Kids is working to get LEGO bricks in the hands of more children by placing them in schools, after-school programs and community centers that serve underprivileged populations. When more kids have more opportunities to learn and grow, everyone wins.

Million LEGO® for Kids accepts donations of new and used LEGO® bricks and sets.  Please note that monetary donations are not accepted.

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