World’s Most Expensive Truffle

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Mozart’s take on a centuries-old treat, the renowned Austrian delicacy Mozartkugel, can claim the title as the world’s most expensive! Mozartkugel, likely the most famous chocolate in Europe, is traditionally a pistachio marzipan chocolate truffle. Ours is flaked in 23-karat Italian gold!

Pastry chef Doris Saha starts with a truffle made from Watershed Distillery’s critically acclaimed small-batch artisanal bourbon. That truffle is enrobed in pistachio marzipan then coated in Valrhona 70%-cocoa chocolate imported from France, then flaked in Paolo Angeletti 23-carat edible gold imported from Italy.

The end result, priced at $250, is almost too decadent to eat! It’s guaranteed to make its recipient feel like the most important person in the world. This luxurious treat is available by special order at Mozart’s.


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Mozart’s owner Anand Saha tells The Columbus Dispatch: “Our motivation was to do something unique that people know about,” Saha said, in the same way Schmidt’s is known for its cream puffs.

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