Specialty Tortes

Mozart’s Bakery and Piano Cafe offers a long list of specialty tortes and specialty tarts handmade from ingredients from Europe as well as locally. See a gallery of some of tortes and tarts below.

*Decoration of specialty tortes (which includes writing and chocolate flowers) add $3 to the cost of the specialty torte.

Black Forest Torte- Three layers of rich chocolate cake, frosted with fresh whipped cream and filled with dark, sweet cherries. 7″, $32

Amadeus Torte- Decadent chocolate cake filled with apricot preserves and chocolate buttercream, enrobed in chocolate ganache. 7″, $32

Chocolate Mousse Torte- Creamy chocolate mousse and raspberry preserves layered on our chocolate cake and frosted with fresh whipped cream. 7″, $32

Chocolate Truffle Torte- Rich chocolate cake with baked hazelnuts, filled and iced with a decadent chocolate truffle frosting. 7″, $32

Dobos Torte- Chocolate hazelnut buttercream layered between six thin sheets of vanilla cake, topped with chocolate coated wafers. 7″, $35

Esterhazy Torte (Wheat Free)- A Hungarian specialty made with thin layers of hazelnut meringue cake sandwiched between a creamy vanilla almond buttercream and topped with fondant. 7″, $35

Ginnsbruck Torte (Wheat Free)- Almond meringue, apricot preserves and lemon buttercream infused with the acclaimed gin from local distillery Watershed. 7″, $35

Lemon Torte- Moist white cake layered with lemon buttercream and decorated with slivered almonds. 7″, $32

Mocha Cream Torte- Three layers of vanilla cake with mocha buttercream and raspberry preserves. 7″, $32

Mozart Torte- Fresh sliced strawberries top layers of white cake and fresh whipped cream, decorated with sliced almonds. 7″, $32

Tiramisu- Rich mascarpone laced with espresso soaked ladyfingers, between two layers of rich chocolate cake. 7″, $32

Sacher Torte- An Austrian specialty! Decadent chocolate cake filled with apricot preserves and enrobed in a rich chocolate fondant. 7″, $32

Sonata Torte- Alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla cake with caramel buttercream, ¬†enrobed in a rich chocolate ganache. 7″, $32

Vanilla Raspberry Torte- Three layers of moist vanilla cake layered with raspberry preserves and our rich vanilla buttercream. 7″, $32

Key Lime Pie- Baked in a graham cracker crust and topped with dollops of fresh whipped cream. $27

Pear Franzipan Tart- Fresh pears and almond cream baked in a buttery shortbread crust. $27

Bavarian Apple Tart- Fresh Granny Smith apples and rich vanilla cream baked in a shortbread crust and topped with a sweet apricot glaze. $27

Chocolate Birthday Torte- Enjoy a Mozart’s favorite, chocolate birthday cake. 6″, $28

Vanilla Raspberry Birthday Torte- Enjoy our vanilla raspberry birthday cake. 6″, $28

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