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European Holiday Cookies

Our European-style holiday cookies are a must-have! Our baker, Doris Saha, trained in Austria and has spent decades perfecting her tea cookies. She bakes everything from Ischler—chocolate-hazelnut-cream-filled shortbread dipped in rich chocolate—to Lebkuchen, a soft German gingerbread cookie, from scratch!

Here’s the full lineup of Mozart’s European tea cookie and holiday cookie offerings:

Holiday Cookies

-Lebkuchen: This soft ‘German Gingerbread’ cookie is baked with honey, candied orange, ground hazelnuts and spices, and coated with an orange glaze.

-Vanilla Crescents: Light, crisp and fragrant cookies baked with ground walnuts and dusted with confectioners’ sugar.

-Gingerbread:  A traditional spiced cookie with a rich molasses flavor.

-Springerle: A traditional, anise-flavored cookie from Germany. Springerle cookies are embossed with a design using a wooden rolling pin carved with intricate designs.

European Tea Cookies
(available year-round)

-Miniature Florentine:  Sliced almonds and candied orange peel baked in a sweet honey butter glaze atop a crisp sugar cookie, and dipped in rich chocolate.

-Miniature Ischler: Two crisp almond shortbread cookies filled with a decadent chocolate  hazelnut cream and dipped in rich chocolate.

-Miniature Nussini:  A sugar cookie topped with apricot jam, pecans, and walnuts, dipped in chocolate.

-Chocolate Stars:  Two star-shaped chocolate sugar cookies baked with toasted almonds, filled with sweet red raspberry preserves and dipped in white chocolate.

-Apricot Hearts:  European apricot preserves sandwiched between two crisp, heart-shaped sugar cookies and dipped in chocolate.

-Raspberry Almond Thumbprints


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