Vienna Ice Cream

vienna ice cream


Peach Cobbler
Chunks of fresh Ohio peaches combined with brown sugar and cinnamon crumbles and chunks of oatmeal

Butter Pecan
Smooth buttery flavor added to roasted pecans with undertones of vanilla

Cookies and Cream
Morsels of chocolate cookies dance throughout the creamy vanilla base that makes up this American favorite

Mint Chocolate Chip
Slivers of handmade chocolate mix perfectly with mint to create a European twist on the traditional favorite

Peanut Butter Fudge
Rich, creamy fudge blends with a swirl of thick peanut butter for this classic flavor

Slices of fresh strawberries are married with buttery ice cream for this American favorite



Black Cherry
Strong black cherry flavors mixed with chunks of chocolate truffle torte in a creamy vanilla base makes this new flavor an instant hit

Creme Brulee
Just like the dessert, our creme brulee is packed with the flavor of sugar-sprinkled custard with a lightly toasted flavor

Caramel Swirl
Our Austrian-inspired caramel swirl ice cream puts the spotlight on our gooey housemade caramel

Chai Cinnamon
Flavorful and strong, chai tea creates an Indian symphony of spices married with chips of cinnamon to create a sweet and savory delight

English Toffee
This buttery treat takes its inspiration from the British hard candy and adds a fluffy Austrian twist

Inspired by the same chocolates that have been enjoyed at Mozart’s for years, our chocolate puts a strong Austrian punctuation on the classic flavor

Crazy Nuts
Chocolate and Praline ice cream combined with a symphony of hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts and pecans to create a soft, chunky goodness

German Chocolate Brownie
Creamy chocolate ice cream with chunks of rich brownies from Mozart’s mixed with pecans and coconut shavings

Kahlua Coffee
Velvety marriage of Kahlua and roasted coffee flavors to create a strong, flavorful European favorite

Key Lime Pie
Feathery lemon ice cream mixed generously with chunks of Mozart’s homemade key lime pie

Strawberry Champagne
Slivers of fresh strawberries blended with bubbly hints of champagne for a milky, rich dessert treat

Large chunks of housemade Mozart’s tiramisu torte blended with mascarpone and espresso flavors for a buttery, flavor-packed dessert

Chocolate Truffle
Rich chocolate truffle torte from Mozart’s crumbled into a decadent chocolate ganache ice cream

Madagascar Vanilla Bean
The tropical vanilla beans from Madagascar gives this traditional twist on vanilla a strong punch

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