Mozart’s in the Media

Mozart’s Bakery and Piano Cafe has been in the news since we first opened our bakery more than 18 years ago. Please take a look at some of the videos, news articles, magazine articles and others that we can be found in. It’s a blessing that the media began talking about us at the beginning and still keeps us in their conversations.

This Week News February 12, 2014: Mozart’s gatherings, WOSU garner CAC’s appreciation
This Week News December 6, 2011: Restaurants to participate in CRC holiday fundraiser
This Week News October 14, 2011 Experience Clintonville launch party set for Oct. 20
This Week News October 27, 2011: Experience Clintonville launch party a “celebration of generations”
This Week News January 26, 2011: Combined birthday, business anniversary set for Jan. 29
The Metropreneur August 18, 2011: Mozart’s gives back to neighborhood organization

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